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We load and unload your wagons.

A dedicated team of professionals for your unloading operations.

A specialised INVEHO IDF team offers logistics services and is located on the customer’s site. Our team unloads a train of freight wagons six days a week, from Monday to Saturday. We unload 50,000 tons of freight every month, it takes roughly six hours on average to unload a train. Our operators are skilled, P1 and P2 certifications, and our locomotive drivers are P3 certified. Our teams deliver the service, starting from the handover with the railway company and ending with preparing the train for departure. Thanks to our successful experience in the Paris Region, we will be happy to make a review of your logistics services requirements across Europe. In addition to these operations, the INVEHO team is able to undertake preventive and curative maintenance.

An A-to-Z service is a real advantage

Revision: Our experts are able to detect all types of damage, and also provide advice!

Reduced costs: No loss for the company because wagons are constantly in service. No supply disruptions.

Responsiveness and transparency: Our teams work efficiently on the train to ensure a full and on-time departure, thanks to a communication in real time.

Safety: Our teams are trained and have received all the required qualifications to ensure safe on-site working.

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