Two to three new wagons roll out of our workshops every day.
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We get to work as soon as possible on your wagons, whether off-site or in the workshops.
Whether you are looking for conversion, modernisation or adaptation, get our teams to take care of your wagons!
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The leading private network in Europe, with four dedicated wheelset maintenance and repair centres, and production of new wheelset
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Who are we ?

We build and convert over 1,000 wagons a year.
We repair and handle 25,000 wheelset a year.
Solid network of 10 workshops and 830 employees.
Over 8,000 wagons handled per year.

We have been the rail freight wagon experts since 1907. As the leading European wagon maintenance and construction network, we now work for all the major names in rail freight.

Design, construction and maintenance… We offer a wide range of services!

We have 10 workshops located across Europe in order to meet all of your requirements. Our 830 employees work hard every day to make your projects a success!

Each of our sites is strategically located on the rail network.

Our certification and accreditation offer you assurance of the quality of our services and your wagons (see here)

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority:
  • We pledge to keep investing in our workshops and ongoing training for our teams. In this way, we manage risk and meet your lead times. You are safe with us .

  • We boast unique expertise: over a century of rail know-how, and our design office has the ability to innovate. Dream up your future wagons, and create added value for your business.

  • Our mobile maintenance team travels to work on your wagons 24/7. We move quickly. You save time.

    Our goal? Making sure that you achieve your goal!

    Together, we will write a wonderful chapter in the history of rail freight, working on your wagon construction, conversion and maintenance projects.

    But, instead of becoming writers, contact us about your wagon projects.

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Team spirit

We foster team spirit.
• We identify with the Ermewa Group and share the same values.
• We work as a single team in each of our business areas.
• Our teams work together to ensure that your projects are successful.

Technical expertise

We understand technical complexity.
• Our technical expertise provides our clients with real added value.
• We pledge to deliver bespoke solutions.
• We buy into innovative practices.

Close relationships

We know our clients.
• We offered solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.
• Our local contacts are our strength, making us better placed to meet our clients’ requirements.
• We play an active role in the development of our industry because of our close links with the market.

Proactive approach

Our approach is proactive and entrepreneurial.
• We anticipate client needs and requirements.
• Responsiveness is one of our main strengths.
• We think that innovation is the future of rail.


INVEHO is a professional and trustworthy partner.
• We act on the commitments we make to other stakeholders.
• We guarantee the highest service levels.
• Together, we help you to rise to challenges.

Sustainable development

We take care of people and the planet.
• The safety of our teams and our environmental practices are our main priorities.
• We value our employees and contribute to their development and fulfilment.
• We favour long-term strategies and we report our results to our shareholders.


A comprehensive, A-Z offering


100 years of experience of bespoke wagon construction.




Flat covered




Streem has been a market leader since 1956, specialising in the design, optimisation, financing and management of strategic assets for the supply chain, and offering its clients safe, profitable and environmentally-friendly solutions.

Streem is one of the market leaders for wagon leasing, and also offers related wagon construction, maintenance, refurbishment/conversion, and repair services, drawing on a network of specialised workshops in France and Germany.

Streem is also a leader in the tank container leasing market. Its workshop in the Netherlands provides repair, modification, inspection and refurbishment services for all types of tank containers.

Streem has three business units and five brands:

  • Wagons: wagon leasing with ERMEWA.
  • Workshops: wagon construction, conversion, maintenance and servicing with the INVEHO workshops.
  • Tank containers: leasing of tank containers with EUROTAINER and RAFFLES LEASE; repair, modification, inspection and maintenance of tank containers with DEMI.

Streem now employs 1,200 people and has a foothold in over 20 countries.