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A century’s worth of experience

Design office

Looking to improve the Life Cycle Cost of your investment?

Looking to create lighter wagons? Wanting to optimize their payload? Planning to computerize wagon management and operation? Wanting to automate loading and unloading? Wanting to improve your staff’s working conditions and enhance safety?

Our teams of specialised engineers, developers and designers draw on over a century’s worth of experience in innovation, the latest modelling technologies, and painstaking analysis of your projects in order to come up with the most bespoke solution to your construction or conversion requirements.

We work with you to create your wagons for the future!


Two to three new wagons roll out of our workshops every day!

Drawing on our own design office and team of experts for studies, design and certification, our INVEHO UFO site provides a tailored response to all our clients’ rail freight wagon development and construction requirements.

INVEHO UFO is able to meet your requirements, whatever the wagon type and quantity required. Our team of specialists manufacture the wagon, complying with the latest regulations and safety standards. The wagons are fitted with the very latest tech and innovations.

INVEHO UFO manufactures wagons in France so that you can carry freight across Europe!

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