Degassing & Cleaning

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Specialised teams and equipment

  • Efficient and modern technical facilities.
  • Suitable Infrastructure for each product range, gas (UAB, UFF Fos sur Mer, FWN, WBA sites), oil, chemicals… (UAB, UFO, UFF Fos sur Mer, UFF Miramas, BRB, FWN sites)
  • Trained, qualified and specialised teams.
  • Expertise and experience in the treatment of industrial products.
  • Continuous improvement approach.

Environmentally-friendly methods

Our wagon cleaning facilities comply with the regulations and our classified installations are audited by the Regional Department for the Environment, Housing and Development in order to meet the environmental regulations in terms of discharge of wastewater. In addition, the Inveho workshops have facilities able to undertake wagon conditioning, nitrogen purging with dew point.

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